About us

Who are we?

Mind Over Tutors, Inc. was founded in Winston-Salem, NC, August 2016. Our vision is to lead and educate communities in the power of emerging web and mobile technologies as to empower today's diverse learners. 

We provide this leadership and education through blogs, podcasts, and online courses which include synchronous and asynchronous interaction for our community of diverse learners. We strive to promote "anytime, anywhere" learning for today's, technology infused, global community.

Currently, our primary focus is to address the issue of a poorly prepared and trained workforce, as it relates to "soft skills". Defining "soft skills" can be difficult in itself, but for the sake of this introduction, we will define them as the following: 

  1. Social Skills
  2. Higher-order thinking
  3. Self-control
  4. Positive self-concept
  5. Communication
  6. Hardworking and dependable
  7. Self-motivation
  8. Teamwork
  9. Positive attitude
  10. Responsibility
  11. Integrity/Ethics

Taken from  Workforce connections: Key soft skills that foster youth workforce successChild Trends, June 2015

These skills along with a few others will hopefully help employees, that are interested, transition into Leadership and Management positions. Our courses here allow users to come full circle by starting or reviewing basic "soft skills" before progressing into outstanding Leadership and Management courses. 

Let Mind Over Tutors, Inc. help empower you to grow in today's workforce and life!