Key Learning Outcomes

Just to name a few.....

Learning Outcomes for Talent Courses

Clients will gain basic communication skills needed to interact with friends, family, and co-workers.

Clients will learn basic skills needed when first stepping into a job.

Clients will understand the  importance of proper writing skills to use within a company.

Employers will know that clients have been assessed in core skills (studies) based on completion of (courses) levels.

Clients  will better analyze tools and skills needed to become a successful manager.

Clients will better understand mental health as it relates to the workforce.

Clients will understand key (concepts) that enable them to manage or handle conflicts in the workplace.

Clients will know critical policies and regulations that improve their employment experience.

Clients will gain project management skills that are sought after by employers.

Clients will gain valuable sales skills that are essential in customer relationships and closing clients.

Clients will be able to apply techniques to help reduce stress within the workplace and understand the correlation to how it can be applied within the school environment and everyday life.

Students will gain understanding into finances, cash flow, and  balance sheets as they related to companies.

Clients will gain the necessary computer skills that are needed when entering the workforce.