I.T. Skills (S)

(L16) Excel 2016 Intermediate (Select Your Topic)

Basically, once you’ve got your head round the main bits of Excel, the cells and the data entry and that, you’re at intermediate. It’s a good level to be at. But could you be better? Find out. Excel’s a really useful tool for almost every profession. Ergo, the better you are at Excel, the better you can be at your job. Ipso facto. QED. Chances are, most of us could use Excel more effectively, simply because it’s such a diverse platform, and it can be tricky to understand everything fully through self-teaching. This course will help you dig a little deeper into the Excel mineshaft and unearth some hidden gems.

Course Topics
*Viewing and commenting on data
*Styles and Formatting
*Formula and Functions
*Sorting and Filtering
*Charts, Functions and Links
  • An Overview of the Chart Types
  • Chart Elements
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting - Create New Rule
  • Conditional Formatting Icon Sets
  • Creating a Basic Chart
  • Creating a Personal Template
  • Creating a Treemap
  • Format as Table
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Freeze Panes
  • Grouping Worksheets
  • Hiding Data
  • Hyperlinks
  • Linking Cells
  • Nested If
  • Quick Analysis
  • Sorting
  • Sparklines - Mini Charts
  • Split Screen
  • The Average Function
  • The Max Function
  • The Min Function
  • The Sumif Function
  • Updating Data Ranges
  • Using Filters
  • Using IF Functions
  • Using IF with AND
  • Using IF with OR
  • Using the Count Function
  • Using the CountIF Function
  • Working with Comments
  • Year to Date Calculations
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever